Commissioned by
Interior design
Niklas Hansen
Malin Jochumsen
Emily Bjerner
Annika Edestrand

We were asked to create the brand identity for Etoile, a new restaurant by award-winning chefs Jonas Lagerström and Danny Falkeman (Årets kock/Chef of the Year, Bocuse d’Or, Swedish National Culinary Team). The cuisine at Etoile is international, with its roots in genuine cooking and a focus on craftsmanship, combined with an element of surprise.

As Etoile means star in French, the visual world is built on the idea of an abstract starry sky, ever-changing. To highlight this, we hand-paint each and every menu for a unique feeling that comes through in both visuals and flavours. We use materials such as velvet, mahogany and copper both in printed items and interior design to ensure a coherent experience.

The work includes brand identity, stationary, packaging, menues, signage, stickers and website.